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The life changing magic of the humble checklist

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed; forgetting important tasks; or feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels but getting nowhere? What you need is a simple daily checklist. If you already use to-do lists or tried task lists but found they didn’t work for you, this approach is almost guaranteed to make a meaningful impact on your life.

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Coping with burnout: 6 simple strategies to alleviate stress

People tend to think that burnout is related to a highly stressful job or to overwork, but that’s really not the case. It can be caused by being under-worked too! In this article, I share my personal burnout story, and share some evidence-based strategies that can help you to deal with chronic stress and burnout.

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The cult of productivity

Toxic productivity, hustle culture, and the relentless drive to optimize every aspect of our lives has led to a culture where acts of maintenance, rest, and restoration are devalued. At the altar of productivity, we sacrifice our hobbies, our wellness, and our mental health. But how did we reach here, and how can we re-examine the true role of productivity?

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“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.” 

Marcus Aurelius

Shinjini Mehrotra is an India-based writer. Her work explores the intersection between creativity, productivity and philosophy. She also has a deep interest in Jungian psychology and its associated branches of myth, mysticism, and storytelling.

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