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A brief introduction to Stoicism

When you think of philosophy, do you think of stuffy academics and boring concepts that, for the most part, are of little relevance to your daily life? Meet the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers who will challenge your notions of philosophy and see what they can teach you as you go about your life today.

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Why you need to reclaim your power to choose

The standard advice of ‘keeping your options open’ leads to an inability to focus and hone down what you’re really interested in. Instead, you end up hedging all your bets, which leads to an overflowing inbox, an inability to choose, and overwhelm. So how do you figure out what is really important to you? And what does that have to do with reclaiming your power to choose?

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“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.” 

Marcus Aurelius

Shinjini Mehrotra is an India-based writer. Her work explores the intersection between creativity, productivity and philosophy. She also has a deep interest in Jungian psychology and its associated branches of myth, mysticism, and storytelling.

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