• The cult of productivity

    The cult of productivity

    Toxic productivity, hustle culture, and the relentless drive to optimize every aspect of our lives has led to a culture where acts of maintenance, rest, and restoration are devalued. At the altar of productivity, we sacrifice our hobbies, our wellness, and our mental health. But how did we reach here, and how can we re-examine the true role of productivity?

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  • My grandmother’s hands: in favor of leisure

    My grandmother’s hands: in favor of leisure

    In the 1930s, evolutionary biologists were convinced that the biggest problem facing humankind would be the question of what we should do with our new-found leisure. A little over nine decades later, not only do we have no time for leisure, we no longer seem to value it, either. Instead, we are caught up in the never-ending hustle and the unending daily grind. How do we find some sort of balance in our lives? A better equilibrium between work and leisure?

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